Emily’s Birth Story

Emily Anne

I was 40 weeks pregnant on Thursday, December 18th, 2014. I went to see my OB that day and for the third week in a row my body had not experienced any change to show it was gearing up for labor. I was not feeling contractions. My cervix was not dilated. The baby was hanging out at a -3 station. I was still 50% effaced. I wanted to experience a spontaneous labor, but time was not on my side. My {Read More}

Pregnancy #2: Induction Day

Pregnancy #2: 41 Weeks

Well, baby. I’m 41 weeks plus a day and it’s time for you to come out. I’m sad, to be honest. I’m sad because as I write this I know it’s one of my last moments where it’s just me and you. We had an ultrasound a few days ago to be sure it was okay to wait for you a little longer, so I know now how you’re laying inside of me. I know that the pressure I’m feeling {Read More}

Pregnancy #2: The Final Countdown

Pregnancy #2- 38+6

When I started writing this post “The Final Countdown” started playing in my head, so hopefully now it’s playing in your head to set the mood. First of all — Happy Thanksgiving! (Yes, I started writing this post before Thanksgiving.) I have so much to be thankful for. I have had a complication-free, easy pregnancy. I know, I know…I whined a lot in the beginning. But overall, it really has been a breeze. I can’t believe it’s almost over. It’s been {Read More}

Pregnancy #2: 28 Weeks

28 Weeks: Baby is the size of an eggplant!

I keep meaning to update, but despite how long it’s been since my last post I have a hard time coming up with something to say! I am officially in the third trimester! Common sense tells me that time is moving quickly and the baby will be here before I know it, but for some reason I still feel like I have all the time in the world. I ordered the baby’s crib last week, but other than that we {Read More}