21 Months


I have not written directly to you since you were 5-months old. A lot has changed since then.

You are beginning to string two and three word sentences together.

“Mama, come ‘ere!”

“I ‘no know!”

“Thank you, Daddy.”

Your teacher says you have the best manners of all the children in your class. You regularly say, “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome!”

You’re beginning to use your imagination. You love stuffed animals. You will feed your animals, and give them something to drink. You hug them often. The other day you threw your stuffed dog into the bath.

Noahs Playhouse

You love forts. Anything that allows you to climb and explore!

You love music and dancing. I have joined you in dancing to Yo Gabba Gabba songs more times than I can count.

We’re having a party. // You’re all invited! // It’s Brobee’s birthday. // We’re singing and dancing.

You bring your grandparents and great-grandparents so much joy. Now that you’re talking, they delight when you call them by name. You’re growing up in the technology age, so you’re already adept at using a touch screen. We often call your YaYa or your Papaw or Daddy’s Mamaw. They love talking to you on the phone.

You are starting to learn your colors. You know blue very well, but the others are coming along. This week you surprised me by counting to ten all by yourself.

You’ve also started to recite animal noises.

“Fish!” You make a kissing noise.

“Dog!” You slap your hands on your knees and say, “Roo roo!”

“Snake!” You’ll wriggle your body and hiss.

 You’ve become quite a picky eater.

Captain Crunch With No Berries

Notice how you picked all of the ‘berries’ out of your Captain Crunch.

I figure you’ll come around eventually. You did eat some celery the other day. That was unexpected.

Noah Eating Celery

Proof of the eaten celery.

You’re growing up so fast, baby. I am very proud of you.


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