BabyCenter on Extended Breastfeeding

Featured Image courtesy of BabyCenter. This was included in my Toddler Development update from BabyCenter this week: Breastfeeding after the first birthday If your toddler is continuing to breastfeed, congratulations. Extended nursing (breastfeeding beyond the first year) isn’t for everyone, but it brings plenty of benefits. Even though your child now gets most of his nutrition from solid food, breast milk provides calories, vitamins, enzymes, and valuable immunities. Studies have even shown that breastfed toddlers get sick less often. Contrary to popular belief {Read More}

6 Reasons Why Pumping Sucks (Haha…Get It?)

I wrote this post in August 2012 and never finished it. It was originally called “Top 10 Reasons Why Pumping Sucks”, but I’m just gonna crop it to 6 reasons and call it a day. Even though I’m not pumping anymore, the memories still leave a bitter taste in my mouth. It’ll probably take a few more whiny mentions before I get over it. 1. It’s loud. My husband and my mom have a knack for calling me while I’m {Read More}

Blogging Ethics & A Handful of Milestones

Believe it or not, I am constantly writing posts that never make it to this blog. There are two in particular that I’ve intended on posting for over month, but I just can’t seem to wrap them up. One of the posts is difficult for me to write because it requires me to talk about relationships within my family. I haven’t figured out how to walk the line between candidness and brutal honesty. I don’t want to disrespect or hurt {Read More}

Have a baby: lose weight. Is this my life?

*Edit: I weighed myself the morning after this post to get my “true” weight and I weighed in at 134.8. Holy crap! Evidently having a baby is the best thing I’ve ever done for my body. We bought a new scale today. It’s a fancy kind that can track your weight loss goals. Something I learned from the Tumblr Fitblr community is that you never weigh yourself at the end of the day. You weigh yourself first thing in the {Read More}