Christine and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

It's Not So Bad

I began writing this post several days ago, but it’s been completely re-written. I like the title though, so it stays. I thought I was having a bad week, but in all honesty it isn’t that bad.  Last week I found out that I was 5 weeks pregnant, but unfortunately I miscarried this week. I was sad and disappointed, but now I’ve accepted it and am ready to move on. I miscarried before having Noah. I experienced bleeding in my {Read More}

Ford Wheel Stud Recall, Upper Respiratory Infection, and Possible Labor Signs?


I went to the Ford dealership this morning to have my car serviced because there’s been a recall on the wheel studs on my car. I got a letter in the mail from Ford earlier in the week saying the wheel studs on my vehicle may fracture, potentially causing a wheel to separate while driving and creating the risk of a crash. Nice, huh? I called the service center at the dealership yesterday to schedule an appointment, but they said {Read More}