Emily’s Birth Story

Emily Anne

I was 40 weeks pregnant on Thursday, December 18th, 2014. I went to see my OB that day and for the third week in a row my body had not experienced any change to show it was gearing up for labor. I was not feeling contractions. My cervix was not dilated. The baby was hanging out at a -3 station. I was still 50% effaced. I wanted to experience a spontaneous labor, but time was not on my side. My {Read More}

Pregnancy #2: Induction Day

Pregnancy #2: 41 Weeks

Well, baby. I’m 41 weeks plus a day and it’s time for you to come out. I’m sad, to be honest. I’m sad because as I write this I know it’s one of my last moments where it’s just me and you. We had an ultrasound a few days ago to be sure it was okay to wait for you a little longer, so I know now how you’re laying inside of me. I know that the pressure I’m feeling {Read More}

Pregnancy #2: The Final Countdown

Pregnancy #2- 38+6

When I started writing this post “The Final Countdown” started playing in my head, so hopefully now it’s playing in your head to set the mood. First of all — Happy Thanksgiving! (Yes, I started writing this post before Thanksgiving.) I have so much to be thankful for. I have had a complication-free, easy pregnancy. I know, I know…I whined a lot in the beginning. But overall, it really has been a breeze. I can’t believe it’s almost over. It’s been {Read More}

21 Months

21 Months Old

Noah, I have not written directly to you since you were 5-months old. A lot has changed since then. You are beginning to string two and three word sentences together. “Mama, come ‘ere!” “I ‘no know!” “Thank you, Daddy.” Your teacher says you have the best manners of all the children in your class. You regularly say, “please,” “thank you,” and “you’re welcome!” You’re beginning to use your imagination. You love stuffed animals. You will feed your animals, and give {Read More}